Safety tech takes center stage at New York Auto Show

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The New York International Auto Show is a platform for the hottest new cars and SUVs. Turning heads this year is an autonomous car, a category of vehicle Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief Ed Loh said "is the future."

"There are tons of driverless car technologies in the vehicles that are on sale right now and fundamentally they come from safety systems," Loh said. "There are systems that are designed to help you drive your vehicles more safely and so it's just about computers taking over."

9 cars that are turning heads at the New York Auto Show
9 cars that are turning heads at the New York Auto Show

Delphi Automotive created one such vehicle. The autonomous SUV, an Audi Q5, recently completed its 3,500-mile journey from California to New York.

"What's notable about it is that the vehicle doesn't have a ton of really advanced technology; it's actually [made] of stuff that's in a lot cars right now," Loh said. "It's more about the software and really challenging the idea of just going coast-to-coast and having the ability to do it without touching the wheel."

In the realm of safe driving tech, GM unveiled their revamped Chevy Malibu with built in "teen driver" mode. The system is designed to give parents peace of mind when their new drivers take the wheel.

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"Let's say when they get in the car, if they don't buckle their seat belt [or] if the front two passengers don't buckle their seat belt, you can't play the radio, you can't pair your smartphone to play your iPod or Spotify," Loh said.

The car will also record maximum acceleration, "panic stops" and total distance driven.

Honda unveiled their next generation Civic, in all its bright green glory - a car Loh said is very popular among young drivers.

"They announced it's going to have a turbo-charged engine for the first time and they're bringing a model called the Type R, which is very popular with young kids. The 'Fast and the Furious' generation, they are drooling over this new car," Loh said.

He also said a new Tesla SUV is expected to be announced soon.

"All you have to do is look to Elon [Musk] on Twitter and he'll tell you when it's coming out."

For Loh's take on other New York Auto show storylines, watch the video above.