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New York firefighter says in lawsuit he was sexually assaulted on the job

NEW YORK -- A New York City firefighter has filed a lawsuit claiming that he was forced to endure a sexual assault on his first day on the job, CBS New York reports.

Rookie Gordon Springs was expecting a tour of his new firehouse on the Upper West Side, attorney Paul Liggieri told CBS New York station WCBS-AM.

“He was instead pushed into a gym and sexually assaulted,” Liggieri said.

From there on out, Springs, who is black, had to endure racial remarks and other taunts, Liggieri said.

“After he filed complaints, he was ostracized by the other firefighters - sort of forced to wear this scarlet letter, if you will,” Liggieri said.

A FDNY spokesman said the incident was aggressively investigated and those involved were punished. Liggieri said Springs, who lost his parents at the age of 2 and was homeless as a teenager, is still active as a firefighter.

“It was supposed to become the family that he never had in pursuit of his dream,” Liggieri said, “and it’s just unfortunate that his dreams became a nightmare.”

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