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NYC man dies trying to drive himself to hospital after getting shot

NEW YORK — Police responding to a car crash early Monday in New York City's Queens borough found the driver dead from multiple gunshot wounds, reports CBS New York. Investigators say Errol Blackwood of Roosevelt, on Long Island, was shot outside a nearby club and died while apparently trying to drive himself to the hospital.

Blackwood, 59, was shot before getting into his car at around 3:30 a.m. Investigators are currently examining whether his death is connected to what appear to be gunshot holes in the wall of the Jouvay Night Club.

Witness Abel Castillo told CBS New York he was in his own car when he heard the shooting. "Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop, like that," he said. "There were a lot of shots. Like, 15 or 20 shots."

Blackwood managed to drive a few blocks before losing consciousness, according to police. Surveillance video shows his car passing through an intersection before he loses control of the vehicle, slamming into at least two parked vehicles.

Police say they found him in the driver's seat unresponsive. He was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in Queens where he was pronounced dead.

Witnesses told police Blackwood was talking to a woman when the shots were fired. He was the only one hit. Police suspect that the woman he was speaking with may have been the intended target.

Police have not said if they have a suspect in the case.

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