New video shows terror behind the scenes of Mali hotel attack

There are new details about an attack on a luxury hotel in Mali, in western Africa. A security guard says Islamic extremists timed the assault perfectly -- storming the hotel just as guards finished morning prayers, put away their weapons and were changing shifts.

State of emergency declared in Mali after dozens die in terror attacks

Nineteen people were killed, including an American. Two gunmen also died.

New video from inside the Radisson Blu shows the desperate measures people took to stay alive.

Some hid behind furniture. Others used mattresses to block doors as they waited seven hours for help.

This man says he heard really loud shots and screams, and men speaking in English, "saying come on, shoot here and there."

Malian Special Forces moved in. They were backed up by their French counterparts, and one off-duty American Special Forces member.

Moving floor to floor, they looked for the attackers and freed traumatized guests and staff. Most hostages ran. Others -- injured and in shock -- were held up.

And then there were the dead, carried out in body bags.

Among them, American aid worker Anita Datar, the mother of a young son who lived in Maryland. A former Peace Corps worker, she committed her life to promoting the rights and health of women and girls living in poverty.

"We are devastated by the loss of our wonderful daughter, who was doing the work that she loves," said Datar family spokesman Joe Gleason.

The jihadist group Al-Mourabitoun has claimed responsibility for the attack. U.S. warplanes targeted the group's leader Muktar Belmuktar in a series of summer air strikes in Libya but couldn't confirm his death.

Friday's hotel attack raises the question of whether he is still alive, and more focused than ever on Western targets.