New video shows officers' point of view in Orlando nightclub shooting

Pulse nightclub shooting video

There is a new perspective on last year's Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre.

Police bodycam video, which includes some graphic images, shows officers racing to the scene of the nightclub shooting. They show what it was like from the officers' point of view as they helped those shot inside the club.

Then, in another clip, sounds of a confrontation with gunman Omar Mateen, who was holding hostages -- including sounds of gunshots after officers yelled, "Let me see your hands!"

Mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 when he arrived at the Pulse nightclub on Sunday, June 12, 2016, carrying an assault rifle.

New bodycam footage reveals what it was like inside the Pulse nightclub when officers arrived. Oralndo Sentinel via CBS News

The three-hour siege finally ended when police stormed the building and killed him.

After the incident, CBS News' Scott Pelley spoke with Demetrice Naulings, who survived the shooting.

"The last thing that my friend texted me was, 'Please help me,'" Naulings said, before starting to cry. "'Help me, I've been shot and I'm going into shock. Please help me.'"

In all, the Sentinel reports there are some 15 hours of footage from three police departments that responded to the shooting.