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"New Generation of Pop Stars" the Grammys Wave

A new generation of pop and crossover stars seems set to take over the Grammys, says Maxim magazine Editor-in-Chief Joe Levy.

He joined "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill to chat about the exciting, new line-up of Grammy nominees.

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Lady Gaga is up for six Grammy awards. But Bruno Mars is nominated for seven and Eminem is nominated for ten. So, who is the big winner going to be?

"The big winner is a new generation of pop stars typified by Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga; they're in their early to mid 20's, or even younger if you're (counting) Justin Bieber. This is a generational moment where these people are going to take the stage," Levy says. "This is the first Grammys I can remember in a long time where every nomination in a major category is from an artist or a record I actually want to hear."

This is also the year of the crossover stars - more and more artists' music is transcending across different genres. An example of this is country star Miranda Lambert, who is nominated for three Grammys. She will also take the Grammy stage this Sunday.

According to Levy, there's a lot of energy coming from the country world and the Grammys this year. Lady Antebellum has several nominations, as well. Miranda Lambert, who was such a huge star coming out of the CMA's is poised for her major crossover into the world of rock 'n' roll and pop stardom. She is fantastic. And it's time for an audience outside of the country world to discover her.

The iconic Barbara Streisand is also back on the scene in a big way - she has been nominated this year, giving her a total 41 nominations. She will also be honored. But it's not necessarily about the music for her this year.

"It's about everything for her this year. You know, she's back in the movies. She has a nomination for her new album," Levy adds. "Here's the interesting thing about Barbra. Her last Grammy, 24 years ago. At the time she said 24 is my lucky number. Maybe I'll see you in 24 years. It's 24 years later. Spooky. I think she controls everything," Levy jokes.

The 53rd annual Grammy Awards will air on CBS Sunday night, 8:00, 7:00 central.