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Transgender flag emoji and other inclusive icons will be available in 2020

Gender: The Space Between
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More than 100 new emojis will be available on Apple this year and several of them are gender-neutral and gender-inclusive symbols. The transgender symbol and a transgender flag, which has light pink and blue stripes, are two of the 117 new icons.

According to a Emojipedia, a gender-inclusive alternative to Santa and Mrs. Claus will be available – named Mx. Claus.

The Christmas icon is not the only gender-neutral addition. The new emojis will also include a woman in a tuxedo, a man in a bride veil and a gender-neutral person feeding a baby. All of these emojis are also available in all skin tones.

The list of new emojis also includes foods like bubble tea and a tamale, animals like a seal and a cockroach, and household items like a toothbrush.

The new emojis build on last year's round of more inclusive icons. A hearing aid emoji, wheelchair emoji and seeing eye dog emoji were in 2019's new batch. A gender-neutral couple and various combinations of people with different skin colors holding hands were also made available last year.

The transgender flag, Mx. Claus, a woman in a tux and a person feeding a baby are among the 117 new emojis coming to smart phones in 2020. Emoji
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