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New DNC Ad Slams GOP for Secret Plan to "Buy Election"

Just two weeks from the November elections, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is out with a campaign ad hitting Republican interest groups for their secret plan to "buy the election."

The 30-second-campaign spot, which will run on national cable "at least through the week," according to the DNC, alludes to "millions being spent by right wing groups to buy an election - all from secret donors."

"What's not a secret is why," a narrator intones.

"Republicans and their corporate buddies want to be back in charge," warns the narrator. "Wall Street writing its own rules again. Big oil and Insurance Companies calling the shots."

The spot urges viewers to "fight back," and visit the website" - which then encourages visitors to sign a petition "calling on Karl Rove to show exactly who is funding his attack ads."

Democrats have, in recent weeks, been pushing hard on the theme of Republicans' reliance on funding provided by "secret" contributors. They have particularly targeted conservative groups like the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads for collecting millions in funding from undisclosed sources. (Both groups deny any wrongdoing.)

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