Netflix to distribute David Fincher, Kevin Spacey drama

Kevin Spacey and David Fincher (Getty Images)
Kevin Spacey and David Fincher (Getty Images)

(CBS) Netflix, an online video streaming and DVD rental business, has obtained the rights to an original television series that will be directed by David Fincher and star Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey.

"House of Cards," a political thriller based on the book and acclaimed BBC series of the same name, will be exclusively distributed by the internet company beginning in late 2012, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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It will be Fincher's TV directorial debut. He will also serve as executive producer for the series, alongside Spacey. The two recently worked together on the Oscar-nominated film "The Social Network," with Fincher as director and Spacey an executive producer.

The deal, finalized on Friday, essentially could make Netflix, which boasts 20 million subscribers, an instant competitor to major TV networks. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company reportedly even outbid AMC and HBO for the show.

"It's a show people will be able to discover over time," Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, told The Associated Press. "It doesn't have to happen over the first week, first month or even the first year of the show."

"David Fincher's unique vision, the indelible performances of Kevin Spacey and the original version of "House of Cards," all have a big following among our members, giving the series a very good chance of becoming a fan favorite," he added to THR. "We are thrilled to be working with this amazing team."