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Netanyahu: Nobody has "moral right to draw a red line for Israel" on Iran action

(CBS/AP) JERUSALEM - Israel's prime minister has expressed his dissatisfaction with Washington's refusal to spell out what would provoke a U.S.-led military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Washington wants to give diplomacy and sanctions more time to try to pressure Iran to abandon its suspect nuclear work. In a message aimed at Israel, the Obama administration said several times this week that deadlines or "red lines" are counterproductive.

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But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says peaceful methods are not working, and Iran is getting closer to acquiring a nuclear bomb. His remarks have generated speculation Israel is readying to strike on its own.

Netanyahu said on Tuesday that "those in the international community who refuse to draw a red line on Iran have no moral right to draw a red line for Israel."

Israeli leaders have been hinting at a possible military strike to stop Iran from acquiring an atomic weapon. The U.S. says sanctions and diplomacy should be given more time.

Israel sees a nuclear Iran as an existential threat, due to its arch foe's frequent calls for Israel's destruction, its missile program and support for violent groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

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