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Nestlé launches $17 "luxury" KitKat bar

Chocolate lovers can break them off a piece of that $17 KitKat bar, according to reports. Nestlé on Thursday launched hand-crafted "luxury" versions of the chocolate-covered wafer bars in shops throughout the United Kingdom for around $17 each. A typical "four-finger" candy bar costs about $1 in the U.S. 

The Swiss food giant said it will launch the specialty confections, which it calls the KitKat Chocolatory, in York's Chocolate Story and in 30 John Lewis and Partners stores, a high-end department chain. Customers not living in the U.K. can also order them online at Nestlé in November. 

Nestlé brings the KitKat Chocolatory to the UK by NestléUKI on YouTube

In the flagship John Lewis department store in London, KitKat fans can also customize their own "eight-finger" bars with different combinations of milk, dark, white and ruby chocolate varieties. They can also add 14 different ingredients like shortbread pieces, salted caramel chunks, honeycomb and rose petals. 

KitKat Chocolatory is available in the U.K. through December 24. 

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