Natalie Portman describes hearing former co-stars' Harvey Weinstein allegations

Natalie Portman on seeing Weinstein in cuffs

During a "CBS This Morning" interview about her new documentary "Eating Animals,"Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman, a leader of the Time's Up movement, described how it felt hearing about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct from her co-stars in the 1996 Miramax movie, "Beautiful Girls." Uma Thurman, Lauren Holly, and Mira Sorvino all starred alongside Portman and have publicly accused the disgraced movie mogul of abusive behavior. 

"When so many of those women came forward, it was crazy to think I was 13 years old on a set where I – all the women around me were being really, really hurt. And I was lucky to be oblivious to that, but it was, I think, such a big wakeup call, of course, for all of us. Yes, I'm glad that there's consequences, but unfortunately, I wish it just didn't happen and hopefully the consequences will prevent and deter other people from abusing their power," she said.

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Last month, Harvey Weinstein was charged in a New York court with rape in the first and third degrees, and criminal sexual act in the first degree. He has repeatedly denied any nonconsensual sexual encounters.

"When you saw him in handcuffs, Natalie, what did you think?" co-host Gayle King asked.

"Unfortunately, there's not a win in this situation. So many people have been so hurt. But it is important for us to see that there's consequences even for the most powerful of the abusers. There will be consequences and I think that's important," Portman said. 

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