Murder or Accident? Mary Beth Harshbarger Shoots Husband on Hunting Trip

Mary Beth and Mark Harshbarger (Personal Photo)

SCRANTON, Pa. (CBS/AP) A woman from northeastern Pennsylvania is accused of fatally shooting her husband during a hunting trip to Canada, and will return there to face charges in connection with her husband's death.

Mary Beth Harshbarger, 40, is scheduled to turn herself in to the federal authorities Friday afternoon after unsuccessfully fighting her extradition. She will then return to Canada where she will remain in the custody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Harshbarger of Meshoppen, located about 30 miles northwest of Scranton, is being charged with criminal negligence causing death and careless use of firearm after she fire at her husband, Mark, in September 2006. She claims that she thought that her approaching husband was a bear.

Mark's family fails to see how any of this could make sense.

"The circumstances all look otherwise. It was not an accident," Mark's father, Lee Harshbarger told WNEP.

However, there have been rumors which Mary Beth has denied that she and Mark's brother, Barry, had been romantically invovled. The family claims that the two are a couple and have been inseparable since the hunting trip that ended Mark's life.

"They've been involved since they returned from the trip. He drove them back after she killed Mark. It's a total split and it's been very difficult for all of us," Barry Harshbarger told WNEP.

Harshbarger has called all of this merely "small town talk," reports WNEP.

Canadian officials are charging Harshbarger because they say it was too dark to fire a gun safely.