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Most dangerous (and ineffective) ways to open a bottle of wine

(CBS News) Talk about waste not want not. This guy is ridiculous (in a hilariously-funny, painfully-stupid, we-love-him kind of way of course). Unless your idea of drinking a good bottle of wine is to not have one single sip of it, then this video dubbed the "Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine," should be renamed "Most Wasteful and Ineffectual Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine." (For actually useful ways, be sure to see our post here.) But, hey, we give this guy an "A" for effort, and I'm sure you will too, just check out this "instructional" video posted by XtremeWineProduction that is sure to keep you sober enough to drive to your local wine store.

And while I like a nice bottle or three of Pinot to get me through the post-Feed evenings, I am not sure I would drink any of the wine that came from Mr. Epic Win (a.k.a. wine patriot, Owen B.), unless you like a side of gas or glass with your Cab. So, while I wouldn't take this video as an instruction manual on how to creatively open your next bottle of vino at a party, I would take it as a nice way to entertain yourself while sipping on a glass of wine that you boringly poured from a bottle of wine opened with an even duller old-fashioned corkscrew -- or maybe a nice Rabbit ear if you're feeling feisty.
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