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Morning Road Map

By Michelle Levi and Steve Chaggaris

McCain campaigns in Colorado today. He will attend a fundraiser at 3:20pm ET followed by a "conversation" with Walter Isaacson at the Aspen Institute at 5pm. Tonight, he attends two more fundraisers in Aspen.

Obama will enjoy his last day of vacationing in Hawaii. He has no public events and heads back to the continental U.S. tomorrow.

NEW TODAY: The Obama campaign will release a new TV ad to run during the Olympics today concerning the middle class.

Mike Huckabee told's Montopoli that people are uncomfortable with the prospect of Mitt Romney as VP and "it has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with inconsistencies in positions he's held, and that's it."

Chicago Sun-Times' Sweet, "Obama camp said to be leaning towards Biden for vice president"

NY Times' Zernike writes about Gov. Tim Kaine, D-Va., "Charismatic Governor Rises to the Short List"

Washington Post's Cillizza, "Warner Pick for Convention May Signal Sidelines for Kaine"

Christian Science Monitor's Orr, "Will Obama be texting Evan Bayh soon?"

Detroit Free Press' Gray and Bell, "McCain's Michigan visit stirs up Romney buzz"

Washington Times' Dinan and Hallow, "McCain hints at pro-choice running mate"

San Francisco Chronicle's Coile, "Pelosi warns Lieberman for undercutting Obama"

Marc Ambinder reports, "Clinton's Name Likely To Be Placed In Nomination; Agreement Near With Obama Campaign": "Reports of strife between negotiators for Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are exaggerated and the two sides are nearing an agreement on how Clinton's delegates will participate in the formal nominating process at the Democratic National Convention, according to advisers to both Democrats."

Associated Press' Ohlemacher, "Clinton backers to make noise at Dem convention"

USA Today's Kiely, "Clinton supporters debate merits of roll call vote"

LA Times' Malcolm, "Oops, Oprah obligingly opts out of opulent Obama observance"

The Hill's Cusack, "Jesse Jackson's convention streak in doubt"

Washington Post's Weisman and Shear, "Democrats Pick Warner as Keynote Speaker"

Politico's Burns writes about Warner, "Keynote speaker today, nominee tomorrow?"

Denver Post's Meyer, "Obama-speech ticketholders to be notified Thursday"

NY Times' Wheaton, "Democrats Seek to Thwart Obama Ticket Scalpers"

Washington Post's Broder, "Pros and Conventions – Useful Ideas From the Stevensons and Friends"

Karl Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal, "I See Four Key Battleground States"

Washington Post's Barnes, "Praising Autoworkers, McCain Reaches Out to 'Swing State' of Michigan"

Detroit News' Trowbridge, "McCain: No Big 3 guarantees"

Washington Post's Kumar and Craig, "Va., Warner on National Stage"

LA Times' Drogin, "Mark Warner's selection as keynote speaker reflects Democrats' hope for Virginia"

Associated Press' Elliot, "Ohio voting law may be a boon for Obama supporters"

Politico's Vogel, "Wild theories of 'Obama Nation' author"

Washington Post's Saslow, "New Books Aim To Unweave the Obama Narrative"

Boston Globe's Rhee, "To aid Obama, Kerry takes on an old foe"

Politico's Kuhn, "Kerry vets say fight back – and swiftly"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Sheinin, "Ralph Reed's link to McCain brews storm of criticism"

NY Times' Healy, "For Obama, the Devil Wears Prah-duh": "Barack Obama may have done a good job slicing into Hillary Clinton's fund-raising home turf during the 2008 presidential race, but apparently his campaign hasn't become brainy about all things New York."

NY Times' Nixon and Pear, "As Donors, Lobbyists Often Favor One Party"

People Magazine, "The Edwards Affair: Elizabeth's 'Excruciating Anguish'"

Associated Press, "Report: Edwards' wife in anguish after affair"

Raleigh News & Observer's Perez, "Financier says he was unaware of Edwards' affair"

Associated Press' Mears, "A lesson in Edwards' sorry confession": "Edwards said he thought he was too big a deal to worry about the rules, invincible, entitled to do anything he wanted. Whether that part of his TV confessional stemmed from contrition or from calculation, it ought to be a warning to other politicians. That kind of arrogance is a common denominator among political figures brought down by their own misconduct."

Human Events' Coulter, "Even By Trial Lawyer Standards, Edwards A Real Sleazebag"

John McCain writes in the Wall Street Journal, "We Are All Georgians"

NY Times' Rohrter, "Social Security Too Hot to Touch? Not in 2008"

Obama advisers Furman and Goolsbee write in the Wall Street Journal, "The Obama Tax Plan"

Wall Street Journal's Holmes and Schatz, "McCain Tech Plan to Continue Hands-Off Approach to Regulation"

LA Times' Mehta, "Cindy McCain is injured by a handshake"

Reuters, "Fox News to air Obama, McCain documentaries"

Time Magazine's Grunwald, "Why Can't Candidates Be Celebrities?": "It's a good thing for presidential candidates to aspire to greatness; we don't want them making speeches about Chester A. Arthur or airing old footage of Herbert Hoover. Maybe it's egotistical for Obama and McCain to place themselves in such rarified company, but the next presidential candidate without an ego will be the first. And if their fans adore them, well, that seems like a good thing, too."

Wall Street Journal's Langley, "Candidates Court 'Big Business Brands' - Obama, McCain Woo Famous CEOs in Bid To Burnish Their Economic Credentials"

NY Times' Cooper, "In Split Role, McCain Adviser Is Sometimes a Lobbyist"

Washington Post's Dionne, "The Next Memo": "Will the Party of Clinton ever become the Party of Obama?"

Boston Phoenix's Stark, "Breaking the Press – Democrats need to look past the media's feel-good coverage of Obama and deal with the realities of the campaign"

NY Times' Hernandez, "G.O.P. in House at Risk in Northeast"