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Morning Road Map

By Michelle Levi and Steve Chaggaris

Obama is in Ohio today where he continues his week-long focus on energy issues. He holds town hall meetings in Youngstown at 9am and in Berea at 2pm. At the Youngstown event he's expected to call the energy crisis "the great challenge of our time" as he breaks down his version of the differences in energy policy between himself and McCain. "So to sum up, under Senator McCain's plan, the oil companies get billions more, we don't pay any less at the pump, and we stay in the same cycle of dependence on oil that got us into this crisis. The oil companies have placed their bet on Senator McCain, and if he wins, they will continue to cash in while our families and our economy suffer and our future is put in jeopardy," Obama will say, according to prepared remarks released by his campaign.

McCain also talks energy today in Michigan. He will tour the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Plant in Newport, Mich., outside Detroit, at 2pm.

Politico reports that Obama has a new contrast ad out today which attempts to characterize McCain as a status quo Washington candidate while Obama offer a "new energy" plan. A narrator explains that McCain has, "been in Washington for 26 years. And as gas prices soared and dependence on oil exploded," and "was voting against alternative energy, against higher mileage standards."

Obama let the press corps eat cake last night, in honor of his 47th birthday. He came to the back of his campaign plane for a quick press conference where he described the gift his daughters gave him - the tie he was wearing - and talked about spending the day with them on Sunday. He said his foreign trip "accomplished what I wanted to accomplish." He spoke about the excitement of big campaign events, his energy policy versus McCain's but shoved aside questions about a VP pick. He joked, "I'm not going to answer your question, but I'm going to consider - I'm going to consider the question. And maybe tomorrow I'll think about it some more. No I - I told you, until I introduce my VP nominee, you're not going to pry anything out of me."

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