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Morning cup of coffee gets shot of sound added

(CBS News) A few weeks ago we introduced you to a talented teen who made some incredible music while playing basketball and making breakfast. The latter of which segues directly into this post in the form of a question: what's breakfast without coffee? (I personally like mine with some half-and-half notes and no sugar, thank you very much!) Take a look and listen above.

The "cup of joe" made musical comes courtesy of sound designer and composer Diego Stoccowho has been featured many times previously for highlighting the music and sound found in almost everything, and who writes about his latest highly caffeinated piece of work:

Usually I make myself a regular coffee in the morning...but not this time ; )
For those of you into sound design/technical details, I recorded this with custom built water-proof microphones and two Rode NT6, through API 512c preamps and Apogee Ensemble.
Along with providing a new auditory perspective on my daily drink, it appears Diego is my complete opposite in terms of his coffee, opting for black and sweet. You learn something new everyday. And if you'd like to check out more creative sound design and music work from Diego Stoccobe sure to see our previous posts by clicking here or you can go to his website by clicking here.
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