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More Than Young Boy's Scribble

"He has a unique feel for texture, he has a unique feel for movement and he has a natural feel for composition, which is really hard to get," says art educator Ella Cart.

Dante Lamb's work isn't Monet or Picasso, and it doesn't hang at the Louvre in Paris or the Met in New York. His pieces are shown at the Monkey Love Dessert Bar and Gallery in the small town of Saint Simon's Island, Ga., and collectors from as far away as California are snatching up his works.

When The Early Show's weatherman Dave Price asked the boy what it feels to be famous, Lamb responded, "Oh, you spit in my eye."

Lamb's work is something to drool over though. And if you want it, be prepared to pay up. His paintings can sell for more than $1,000.

Gallery owner Britt Figueroua realized Lamb had potential the first time she saw his work.

"This is the same type of flair that [Jackson Pollack] would have used, and it sold within three days," she says.

It's that flair that has collectors and first time buyers snatching up Lamb's works.

"I think that every parent finds their child remarkable. It's just a wonderful thing to hear it from outside of those who love him," says Lamb's mother, Aimee.

But psychologist Bruce Homer says that not all child prodigies grow up to become remarkable adults.

"For all we know Dante is going to decide that he wants to become a rock star and give up painting and take up guitar," says Homer.

What does Dante Lamb's future hold? No one really knows. Now, he seems to be having fun with his great talent and not too concerned about becoming one of the masters.

"[Dante] is your average 3-year-old who goes around and plays," says Aimee. "He just has different priorities, that's all."

Dante Lamb has sold over 35 paintings so far, which is a lot considering his show just opened Oct. 7. The young boy isn't sure what he wants to do when he gets older. He said several times that he wanted to be a baseball player and a firefighter, but he also said that he wants to continue with his painting.

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