More talks with a toddler reenacted by grown men

Convos With M 2 Year Old Part 5

(CBS News) Toddlers want what they want, want it that very second, and they want it exactly their way. And these things rarely (or ever) tend to make sense. And that's what Convos With My 2-Year-Old creator, Matthew Clarkeproves again and again here on The Feed in his hilarious YouTube series which stars both him and his actor buddy, David Milchard, reenacting conversations that Clarke and his precocious two-year-old, Coco, have actually had happen in real-life. Check out the latest installment above entitled "Playtime," in which Clarke and Milchard reenact -- drum roll, please -- okay, you probably guessed it: playtime!

As a mother to an almost 2-year-old myself, these videos hit especially close to home. Toddlers are pretty darn funny -- and also quite frustrating, because they are constantly frustrated. Their little tiny toddler brains know they want very specific things, but don't quite know how to express it yet, which often makes them seem drunk and delusional. (In the cutest way possible, of course.) Things are especially difficult for these little mini people when food is involved, as evidenced in "The Cookie", included for you as a nice bonus treat below. What I love best about this Cookie Monster clip, is the surprise ending with actual Coco. I think I'd like to see a bit more of her in future episodes. (Did you hear that, Matthew?)