More adorable animals antics (with pugs in hats and a baby elephant bath)

(CBS News)  After you post up something as adorable as a sloth giving out a flower, it's kind of tough to stop thinking about cute animal antics. So for your added pleasure, I present to you two more cases to make you go "awwww!" starting with some pugs in hats sledding in the snow.

Honestly, they had me at hats... they had me at hats. (Editor's note: possibly failed attempt at a "Jerry Maguire" reference) The added ante of adorable overload was posted by YouTube user TheFabulousPugModels who has definitely warmed our hearts with this wintry adventure. 

And to keep this cute train chugging right along, we have a double dose for you in the form of a baby elephant named Navann at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, taking a "bath" below from YouTube user elephantnews. The rambunctious, little guy may not be getting very clean in those muddy waters, but who really cares when he's obviously having so much fun!