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Money rains down on New Jersey highway after armored truck has door problem

Drivers stop to chase money on N.J. highway
Drivers stop to chase money on N.J. highway 01:42

Money spilled out of an armored truck on a New Jersey highway and motorists jumped out of their cars to chase it, triggering accidents during the Thursday morning rush, CBS New York reports. Witness video shows several drivers abruptly stopped to chase after the cash flying around Route 3.

The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. near MetLife stadium in East Rutherford.

Police say the armored truck had an issue locking one of its doors, allowing bills to fly out. Police said the spill led to at least two accidents, according to CBS New York.

It is unclear how much cash fell out of the vehicle, but cellphone video from the scene shows a couple of people walking along the road to pick up bills. Cars started honking at the men on the road, but then more and more people stopped their cars to join in. The money chase caused traffic to back up along the busy route during the morning rush hour.

Police said they were investigating and asked anyone with any information or video of the incident to contact them at (201) 438-0165.

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