Monday Mystery: Fatal Attraction

Anne Rule Dissects The Capano Case

Thomas Capano had it all. A wealthy, charming lawyer, Capano, 50, moved in the highest circles of Delaware politics and had been encouraged by some to run for state attorney general.

But in 1996, Capano's carefully constructed life came crashing down, when he became the suspect in the disappearance of Anne Marie Fahey, the 30-year-old scheduling secretary to the governor of Delaware.

How did such a seemingly perfect man end up in this position? With help from crime writer Ann Rule, who has written a book about the case, 48 Hours finds out.

Who Is Ann Rule?
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Behind The Facade: To most people around Wilmington, Del., Capano was a role model. But behind the mask, another person lurked. Correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates how the man who had it all ended up being sentenced to die by lethal injection.

Caught In A Trap: For three years, Capano tried to elude justice. But with a combination of hard work and extraordinary luck, prosecutors convicted him. Moriarty reports.

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