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Monaco royal has paparazzi troubles, too

Princess Charlotte Casiraghi arrives for a dinner at Opera terraces after the religious wedding ceremony of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco on July 2, 2011, in Monaco. Getty

(CBS) Pippa Middleton isn't the only royal relation asking the paparazzi to back off.

Monaco's Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline and niece of the principality's ruler, Prince Albert II, has filed a complaint against intrusive media coverage.

Pictures: Charlotte Casirashi
Pictures: Pippa Middleton

The 25-year-old royal, who is the granddaughter of Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly, generates a lot of press in Europe, especially when it comes to her love life. She is often listed among the most beautiful royals in the world.

And now that the writer and editor has reportedly broken up with millionaire gallery owner Alex Dellal and has started dating French actor Gad Elmaleh, she is garnering even more attention.

Her lawyer Alain Toucas, who was also an advisor to Princess Diana, told Hello magazine: "She is followed relentlessly day and night by a dozen individuals and/or photographers, which could be considered a damaging attack on her private life."

He claims it is putting her and others in danger.

Last week, lawyers for Middleton, who gained fame as maid of honor at her sister's wedding to Britain's Prince William, issued a stern warning letter to photographers and agencies telling them their behavior constitutes harassment and threatening lawsuits if it continues.

An editor with a London tabloid has estimated that Middleton is photographed 300 or 400 times a day.

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