"Mom" stars talk about tackling serious subjects with humor

"Mom," the CBS sitcom created by Chuck Lorre ("Two and a Half Men," "The Big Bang Theory," "Mike & Molly") and starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney, has tackled tough subjects like addiction and adoption in its debut season -- not your typical sitcom fare.

But that's what makes the show so relatable, according to Lorre and his stars: It finds humor in those everyday struggles.

"Every time we get a script, I ask Chuck, 'This is crazy, are we allowed to do this?' We're a comedy, and we're allowed to make jokes about this stuff?" Faris told CBS Los Angeles' Suzanne Marques.

Janney and Faris star as a mother and daughter who are both recovering addicts.

"It's a really real thing that's facing so many people today, all over the world," said Janney. "You'd be hard pressed to find anybody who didn't know somebody who was struggling with some sort of addiction. So I think that it is fantastic that we are dealing with it."

For Lorre, "Mom" is a show about redemption.

"All the characters are on a path of improving their lives, redeeming themselves from past mistakes," he explained

"Personally, my life is full of do-overs and second chances," Lorre added. "And I have known many people that have gotten the chance to start over again and its inspiring to me. It's hopeful."

"Mom" has been renewed for a second season. For more from Lorre, Faris and Janney, watch the video above.