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Mom faces cruise ship "nightmare" -- again

(CBS) Jayne Thomas has had her share of worry in recent weeks.

Thomas' son, James, survived the Costa Concordia disaster off the coast of Italy last month. He was a member of the ship's crew.

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And now, Thomas' daughter, Rebecca, is aboard the Costa Allegra, the disabled Italian cruise liner that's in pirate-infested waters off the coast of Africa. Rebecca is part of the ship's crew.

Jayne said, "It was a nightmare that we didn't think we'd have to relive, especially within six weeks, so we've cast ourselves as very unfortunate."

The Costa Allegra is still a day away from safety. Helicopters are dropping food to more than 1,000 passengers and crew aboard that vessel.

Jayne said she hasn't heard from her daughter since a fire broke out aboard the ship, but has received an email from her friend saying the fire was out and people were safe.

The location of the stranded ship was most unsettling for Jayne.

"(It) was very unnerving, knowing that they were just drifting, powerless," she said. "It did make me think they may have been an easy target for the pirates, but I feel better now that they're under tow. And obviously, there are helicopters overhead and other vessels going to their aid, so I don't think the pirates will try anything now."

Rebecca started with the Costa company in May 2011. Rebecca works a dancer on the ship and is on her second contract with the company, according to her mother. Though Jayne hasn't heard her daughter's thoughts on sailing with the company yet, Jayne did say her son does not want to sail again.

"His experiences unnerved him," she said. "We did try to reassure him that this sort of thing (won't) happen again, but unfortunately now, this has unnerved him, and I don't think he'll go back on ship, in the near future, anyhow."

Thomas said she hasn't heard from the cruise company yet about her daughter, but is following the news on TV and online for updates.

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