Mohammed Chowdhury's Genitals Missing After Accused Wife Killer Takes Own Life in Jail

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (CBS/AP) Mohammed Abdul-Fazal Chowdhury, a Michigan man accused of killing his wife last September, took his own life in his jail cell last Friday, but not before cutting off his own genitals, according to Macomb County police. And according to a Detroit news station, jail officials are still looking for his severed penis.

Sheriff Mark Hackel said the body of 22-year-old Mohammed Abdul-Fazal Chowdhury was discovered alone about 4 p.m. Friday at the Macomb County Jail about 20 miles northeast of Detroit. Hackel said Chowdhury sliced an artery in his neck with a razor blade from a shaving tool available through the jail's commissary. His genitals had also been severed according to Click On Detroit, but police could not find them.

Hackel told The Detroit News that Chowdhury was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chowdhury, a Bangladeshi native, was accused in the Sept. 28 stabbing death of his 25-year-old wife, Suraia Parbin Miah.

Hackel said jail officials did not hear or see anything, and Chowdhury had shut the door and covered the window of the room he shared with another inmate.

Local Muslims questioned whether Chowdhury had committed suicide or had really been murdered in his jail cell, according to the Detroit News, which said Muslim community leaders planned to meet with jail officials Thursday afternoon.

One of the strangest twists to an already brutal case though, is the ending. According to the Detroit paper, Chowdhury's body is being released to his murdered wife's family, who will prepare it for burial in their native Bangladesh.