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"Miracle Baby" Born In Britain

Aya Jayne Solomon is being called a "miracle baby" in Britain.

As CBS News correspondent Sheila MacVicar reports, she checked into this world weighing two pounds and an ounce, 14 weeks premature, and two days after her mother was pronounced clinically dead.

Jayne Solomon collapsed at home with a brain hemorrage.

There was nothing doctors could do for her -- but try to save her unborn baby. And that meant keeping Jayne's heart beating until the baby could be delivered.

"The baby was in an environment that give it the best possible chance at the time of its delivery," explained Dr. Deborah Harrington, an obstetrician, "and they maintained her blood pressure and her oxygenation and supported all her vital signs."

Jayne Solomon was a champion figure skater and once ranked seventh in the world.

What she wanted most was to be a mother.

"(Jayne) would want (Aya) to have the most wonderful life she can and just live life to the full. Never stop trying, never give up," says Abigail Brown, who was a friend of Jayne's. "That's one thing Jayne never did -- she would never give up. ... She was an absolutely amazing person. She really was."

It was Jayne's strong heart that kept beating for those 48 key hours, long enough to pump steroids into Jayne's body to ensure the baby's lungs would be mature enough to support her after birth.

Baby Aya isn't the only child to have been born in such tragic circumstances.

In 1997, a tiny girl was born in Rochester, N.Y., 14 weeks after her mother was declared brain dead.

Aya's grieving and proud father, Mahmoud, will have quite a story to tell his daughter.

"She's four days old and she's already famous, I was just telling her that!" Mahmoud told reporters.