Michele Bachmann: Obama Is "Intending to Fail"

CPAC Convention, Washington -- President Obama is "intending to fail," Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said today, blaming the administration for increasing deficit projections.

Too much of the economy is already under government control, she said, and even more would be under government control under Mr. Obama's push for a "jobs-killing government takeover of health care," as well as cap and trade.

"Imagine the federal government owning or controlling 56 percent of the private economy in two years' time," she said. The United States is on track to face economic problems like Greece, she said.

"We've all seen this movie before," Bachmann said. "It's called 'massive national debt implosion.'"

"People can indulge in fantasy football, but you can't indulge in fantasy economics," she said. "It sounds to me like someone is choosing decline."

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