Michael Bloomberg says no other candidate for president has his level of experience

Bloomberg says voters are looking for stability as he makes his push for the presidency. See the full interview, Sunday.

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Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg tells Scott Pelley that none of the other candidates seeking the nomination has the management skills he has. The former three-term mayor of America's most populous city also thinks he can win because Americans are looking for stability. Bloomberg spoke with Pelley in his childhood home in Medford, Massachusetts, Wednesday for the interview that will be broadcast on 60 Minutes, Sunday, March 1 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
"I have been training for this job for close to 20 years there is nobody else running who has any management experience whatsoever in any of these things," Bloomberg said. "But you have to have someone who has been there done that and will do it right and will guide us through the tough times particularly day one."
When asked what data today leads him to believe he can win, Bloomberg said voters' wants have changed from 2016.
"A few years ago there was a revolution against the intelligentsia," Bloomberg said. "People said, 'You know, those people, particularly on the coasts, are trying to tell us what to do.' They wanted a change. That explains Donald Trump. Now, people seem to have changed. This cycle, people want stability."