Meow! It's Kitten Season

We are all familar with the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. But have you ever heard of kitten season?

The Early Show's resident veterinarian, Dr. Debbye Turner Bell, says kitten season starts in early spring and runs through the fall, basically March to November.

That means shelters fill up this time of year because feral cats -- and even unaltered domestic cats that get out and find another unaltered cat -- will mate and produce kittens.

Turner Bell says one unaltered female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in a seven-year period, which make the need for spaying and neutering so critical.

If you are thinking of adopting a kitten, Turner Bell says anyone who loves animals is a good candidate. She says cats often get a bad rap.

"People think cats are aloof and they are not fun like dogs. My cats follow me to every room, they meet me at the front door when I come home. They are very social. When they are raised properly from kittens, they love human interaction. If you think you love a dog, you'll love a cat. I guarantee it."

Cats are particularly good for people who live in smaller spaces or those with busy lifestyles, since they can be left unattended for longer periods of time than a dog and don't need to be walked.

Kittens also love to play. Turner Bells says they have a strong prey drive, so they like things they can chase. This "play behavior" teaches them to be healthy adults and toys are important for their development.

For more information on cat care, visit The Humane Society of the United States.

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