Meghan Trainor opens up on boyfriend Daryl Sabara on "CBS This Morning"

Meghan Trainor refused to talk about any GRAMMY predictions she might have on “CBS This Morning” when she announced the nominations on Tuesday, diplomatically praising all of the Best New Artist nominees instead -- but she was willing to talk about her boyfriend, Daryl Sabara. 

“And now can we just say, Meghan’s in love,” said King. “I love this Meghan, because last time I saw you, you weren’t in love and he’s here today.” 

Viewers got to meet Sabara as the camera panned to him waiting in the green room. 

“He’s here, out there, somewhere with my Starbucks, out there, loving me,” said Trainor as Sabara waved to the camera. 

When the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts asked Trainor if dating Sabara might change her music, she said it could. 

“He’s a musician himself, and we’ve been writing songs together,” she explained. 

Trainor said that they met through Chloe Grace Moretz, who introduced them to each other. 

“Thank you, Chloe!” said Trainor.

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