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Meghan McCain Writes Childrens' Book About Her Father

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(WATERFORD, MICH.) - The press got a peek today at the newest book written by a member of the McCain campaign – his daughter, Meghan.

The illustrated book, entitled "My Dad, John McCain" and printed by Simon and Schuster (a division of CBS Corp.), is a biography of the senator's life told from the perspective of Meghan, who is in her twenties and blogs online about her father's campaign.

The book begins with Meghan writing, "There are a few things you need to know about my dad, and one is that he would be a great president."

Describing McCain's teenage years at a boarding school, Meghan says, "He broke a lot of rules, but he liked football and wrestling. He wasn't the biggest or the strongest guy on the football team—but he was one of the toughest. He just wouldn't give up."

There are illustrations of the McCain's capture as a prisoner of war and stumping on the campaign trail, drawn by artist Dan Andreasan, who also did the illustrations for the childrens' books "Pilot Pups" and "A Special Day For Mommy".

There is also a page on McCain's failed attempt at president in 2000 which is only a few sentences long. When McCain announced his recent bid for the presidency in 2007, his daughter writes that first, "Things didn't look very good," but insisted that again, he father "would not give up."

The book will hit store shelves on September 2.