Medicine Cabinet Cleanout!

If you have young kids and get a chance this weekend, you might want to go through your medicine cabinet and toss out those infant cough and cold medicines, says our Dr. Emily Senay. Most big companies are participating in a voluntary recall of these medications, which are not only ineffective, but can also be very dangerous. You may notice your local drug store cleaning them off the shelves, but here's a warning: Do not buy medications which are meant for older kids and give them to your child under the age of two. Emily says these medications are inappropriate for that age group. In fact, we may even see them re-evaluated for older kids as well. It's always best in the case of cough and colds with kids of any age to do the natural things. I remember many days of saline spray and cool mist humidifiers, and that's what Emily says we still need to do with our little ones who have stuffy noses.

Click here for more of her advice for parents, including a list of the recalled products.

Wishing you a safe and healthy weekend. See you Monday!