McEntee Says Clinton's Always Been Against NAFTA

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

PHILADELPHIA -- AFSCME president Gerry McEntee said today that he knows Hillary Clinton has been against NAFTA from the start, saying the former First Lady called him back in the '90s to tell him "we lost."

"I know that she spoke against it, she opposed it," McEntee said about NAFTA.

"Maybe she does not even remember this," McEntee continued. "The day that they got the votes, Hillary Clinton called me and I was in California at a union meeting. She said, and this really sums it up, she said 'We lost. We lost, the votes were there for NAFTA.' So anybody who tries to hang it around her neck, is hanging it around the wrong neck."

Labor unions are a significant part of the voting bloc in Pennsylvania and one of the key issues facing these workers is NAFTA, a trade agreement implemented by former President Clinton that has drawn criticism for taking American jobs overseas.

Hillary Clinton has tried to distance herself from NAFTA in order to woo labor support for her candidacy. For weeks, Clinton has pointed to various White House officials as sources who can corroborate claims that Clinton was not in agreement with her husband over NAFTA.

During her remarks before the AFL-CIO convention of labor unions, Hillary Clinton made the argument that she is most prepared to be president because she has learned by watching and observing, much like a labor apprentice. "I've apprenticed, and I've learned how to do it, I've watched it being done for 8 years," she said.

Clinton who is struggling to keep her campaign afloat amid pressure from members of her own party to step aside said she's a fighter and not ready to give up. She used the analogy known all too well by Philadelphians that she will keep going, much like the famous boxing fighter Rocky Balboa, from the movie "Rocky."

"Senator Obama says he's getting tired of the campaign, his supporters say they want it to end. But, could you imagine if Rocky Balboa had gotten half-way up those art museum stairs and said 'Well I guess that's about far enough?' That's not the way it works," Clinton said as the crowd cheered her on.

Clinton added, "Let me tell you something: when it comes to finishing the fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common, I never quit, I never give up."