"McDonald's stabbing victim" not cooperating, says NYPD

Andrew Hardy, above, walked into a McDonald's  restaurant in Queens, N.Y. with a knife sticking out of his back on Tuesday morning, June 24, 2014

CBS New York

NEW YORK - A man who walked into a New York City McDonald's on Tuesday with a knife sticking out of his back is not cooperating with investigators looking for a suspect in the stabbing, reports CBS New York.

Andrew Hardy told the station he was "blessed" Wednesday, a day after being released from Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. "[The knife] didn't hit anything, fortunately," he said. "It probably hit my shoulder blade, and that probably was the extent of it. And the blade went sort of upwards, so it looked like it was deeper than it actually was."

Police said at least four people were involved in Tuesday morning's dispute, which took place in Queens half a block away from the popular fast food restaurant. Hardy entered the McDonald's with blood pouring from his wound, and a witness said he was talking to a loved one on a cellphone.

Customers at the McDonald's rushed to help the man, making sure he didn't fall onto his back, until emergency responders arrived, CBS New York reports.

Hardy - who authorities say has multiple arrests on his record - is reportedly being uncooperative with investigators. According to CBS New York, he said someone lunged at him, he punched back, and then someone stabbed him in the back.

Still, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told the station police are confident they will be able to identify a suspect and make an arrest.