McDonald's Rampager Alesha McMullen Charged With Property Damage Over "Happy Meal" (VIDEO)

(AP Photo)
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CBS/AP) Alesha McMullen was unhappy with her cheeseburger and wanted everyone to know about it.

The 19-year-old then allegedly trashed a Missouri McDonald's, and it was all caught on tape.

Now she has been charged with property damage and she could end up with a fine that is surely to be more than the $1.59 sandwich she was so upset about.

Can she get fries with that?

Police said they received many tips after releasing a tape of the Dec. 27 incident.

In the video, which has spread like wild fire over the Internet, McMullen is allegedly seen throwing a sign and a water dispenser over a counter and pushing three cash registers to the floor.

On Tuesday, the Jackson County prosecutor's office charged the Kansas City woman with Class D felony property damage.

It wasn't immediately known if McMullen has an attorney. A phone listing for her could not be found.

Police say McMullen told officers her order was prepared wrong and the restaurant refused to give her a refund.