McCain's Mom Wants to "Look Like Nicole Kidman"

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

MOLINE, ILLINOIS -- After a full day of following John McCain around Iowa, it was on to the Quad Cities Airport to get in place for tomorrow.

At the gate, who was also waiting for a flight but none other than McCain's mom, Roberta.

"If you don't have a camera, I am not interested," Mrs. McCain joked, knowing full well that most of our relationship has been me standing silently at the end of a video camera jammed in her face.

"I want you to make me look like Nicole Kidman," she joked again referring to all of the footage I've accumulated of her.

95-year old Mrs. McCain has been tackling the campaign trail with her son, enduring his 17-hour days on and off for months now.

However, she told me she is leaving the campaign trail for a trip to Europe and will miss Christmas with the McCains.

When asked when she will return she said, "I don't know, as long as the weather is good and I'm having a good time, I'm not coming back."