McCain 's Attack Is In The Mail

John McCain's campaign has unleashed a direct-mail piece criticizing Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, reports the Nashua Telegraph. The mailing criticizes Romney on illegal immigration, pointing to a news report stating that Romney once supported allowing illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship and notes that a firm re-hired by Romney to work around his home employed illegal workers even after the issue came up previously.

"Like so many times before, Mitt Romney advocated totally inconsistent, policy positions,'' the mailing states. That's why voters don't trust Mitt Romney. No wonder why Mitt Romney is trying to cover up his own mixed-up record by smearing straight-talking John McCain," the mailing says. It also claims Romney has "flip-flopped" on a number of issues, including immigration, taxes and campaign finance reform. Romney New Hampshire director Jim Merrill responded, "Senator McCain's weak approach to illegal immigration should be the last issue he tries to use when attacking and distorting the record of Governor Romney."