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McCain Midnight Madness


From CBS News' John Bentley:

(NEW YORK) – John McCain kicks off the last 48 hours of campaigning by planning to hit eight states in a two-day whirlwind tour before the polls open Tuesday morning. He'll make two stops in Pennsylvania and hold a town hall in New Hampshire before heading down to Florida for a 12:30am rally at Tropical Park Stadium in Miami.

In addition to needing votes, McCain also needs to money to compete with the massive sums Barack Obama has raised. Since he took public financing, all the money McCain raises goes to the Republican National Committee or state GOP committees, which can help with advertising and voter turnout. McCain sent a letter to supporters asking them raise $5 million by Monday to fund their final get-out-the-vote efforts, warning them of a Democratic stranglehold on Washington if he's not elected.

"My friend Senator Lindsey Graham affectionately refers to the 'tax trifecta' of Obama-Pelosi-Reid. We have no doubt they'll waste no time in raising taxes on the quote 'wealthy,' a term they seem to re-define daily," the letter reads.. "The Obama-Biden Democrats are now accusing Americans who don't want a tax hike of being selfish."

It's the same point McCain has been trying to make for the past few weeks, and it will no doubt be a cornerstone of his closing arguments in the final days before Election Day.

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