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McCain Calls for "Economic Surge"

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(JACKSON, OHIO) – John McCain called for an "economic surge" today to make American businesses more competitive in a global marketplace.

"Companies are moving overseas. We're taxing them out of the country," he said after a tour at a cabinet manufacturer here. "The surge has succeeded in Iraq militarily – now we need an economic surge to keep jobs here at home and create new ones."

Calling Barack Obama "out of touch," McCain said Obama's economic plans would cause the loss of even more jobs.

"Sen. Obama's plans would raise taxes on businesses even more. He's promised tax increases on income, tax increases on investment, tax increases on small businesses. That's exactly the wrong strategy," McCain said. "Raising taxes in a bad economy is about the worst thing you can do, because it will kill even more jobs, what we need are policies that create jobs."

McCain repeated his calls for offshore drilling, the construction of more nuclear power plants, and a "crack down" on those who let the housing market spiral out of control.