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McCain Brushes Off Palin Vetting Questions

The new book "Game Change," making waves in Washington with its lurid details of the 2008 campaign trail, claims that Sen. John McCain's GOP presidential campaign vetted his vice presidential pick Sarah Palin in a "hasty and haphazard" manner, but McCain today brushed off those claims.

"I wouldn't know what the sources are [for those claims] nor care," McCain said this morning on NBC's "Today Show."

McCain has repeatedly come to the former Alaska governor's defense in the wake of criticisms about his former running mate. (His top campaign strategist Steve Schmidt was interviewed on CBS' "60 Minutes" this past Sunday about the claims put forward in "Game Change.")

"The fact is, I'm proud of Sarah Palin," McCain said today. "She will be a major factor in American politics in the future, and I'm proud of our campaign."

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