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MC Hammer plans to launch search engine WireDoo to rival Google and Bing


(CBS) - MC Hammer is too legit to quit...launching new businesses, that is. The '90s rapper, whose name is Stanley Kirk Burrell, is planning to launch a search engine called WireDoo.

The announcement was made at O'Reilly Media's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Hammer told O'Reilly Media's Alex Howard in an interview that WireDoo's goal is to improve search by providing "relationship-driven searches" and "go beyond the generalities that give you more relative information in a consistent way in a new environment."

So how is WireDoo search different?

An example Hammer gave is searching for a zip code. On top of basic search content, WireDoo would also give related information like schools, homes and hospitals.

Let's say you click on "schools." Related content would include detailed information, like academic performance index scores, teachers' credentials and truancy rates.

Skeptics must be wondering how Hammer's new search engine will perform in the Google-dominated market. WireDoo sounds similar to Microsoft Bing's "decision engine," but even with Bing's customized results, it hasn't been able to take down Google.

Although, we're still bitter that Hammer inspired us to wear "Hammer pants" for family photos in the '90s, we're still willing to give WireDoo a shot.

WireDoo is currently in closed beta and is tentatively planned to launch around December 2011.

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