Massachusetts Move Could Help Romney On Feb. 5

Lawmakers in Massachusetts wrapped up the 2007 legislative session last night and, as the Boston Globe notes, they did so by passing legislation to join the 21 other states that will hold presidential nominating contests on Feb. 5 – nicknamed Super Tuesday, Super-Duper Tuesday or Tsunami Tuesday, depending on the source.

Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick says he'll sign the legislation -- though keep in mind that Rhode Island's governor said he wouldn't block a move to Feb. 5, only to come out with a surprise veto. But assuming Patrick sticks to his pledge, he and the legislature, overwhelmingly comprised of Democrats, may have given help to a Republican: former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Massachusetts will provide but a tiny portion of the delegates up for grabs on Feb. 5, but, assuming Romney is still in the running, every little bit will help -- especially since current poll numbers suggest it's possible the GOP race will still have no clear front-runner by then.

As for the Democrats, expect Patrick to try to deliver his state to the candidate he's endorsed, Barack Obama.