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Mark Zuckerberg New Gordon Gekko?

I've just come from a screening of a movie called "The Social Network." It is a film about the origins of Facebook and its founder mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is known as the world's youngest billionaire. And if the film is to be believed, how he got there wasn't particularly admirable. Zuckerberg is in the news this week because he's giving $100 million to help revitalize the Newark, N.J. school system. The timing seems a little awkward because as this movie is about to premiere no amount of philanthropy will be able to color the opinions of those who see it. Facebook at its inception was the next new thing. It captured lighting or really the Zeitgeist in a bottle or in this case, a viewer page. As a film, "The Social Network" is to 2010 what the movie "Wall Street" was to the late eighties. Like Gordon Gekko, Zuckerberg will be judged. Some will see a villain, others a hero.

Just a minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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