Marijuana Meatballs: Ex NYC Detective Anthony Chiofalo Says He Got Fired Over Wife's Secret Recipe

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Anthony Chiofalo probably thought there was something new about his wife's meatballs but he didn't think it would get him fired.

The retired New York City counterterrorism detective says he failed a 2005 random drug test because his wife spiked his meatballs with marijuana. He was suspended and ultimately fired in 2007 and has been fighting the decision ever since.

Chiofalo's wife even admitted to investigators that she spiked her husband's meatballs because she wanted to force him to retire, but they didn't buy her story.

And neither did a state appeals court. After hearing arguments from Chiofalo's attorney Thursday the court ruled to uphold his dismissal.

Police department lawyer Edward Hart says there was more marijuana in Chiofalo's system than the meatballs alone could explain.

Philip Karasyk, Chiofalo's attorney, says he's considering options for continuing the case.