Man who killed boy scout's attacker won't be charged

Carmen Reyes
Torrance Police Dept. via CBS Los Angeles
TORRANCE, Calif. - Prosecutors in Los Angeles County say they will not pursue charges against a Torrance man who shot and killed another man, who was attacking a boy scout.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Carmen Reyes Jr., 58, was initially booked for murder after shooting and killing Sergio Wilms, who allegedly attacked the 13-year-old and his mother as they were packing their family’s van for a camping trip early Saturday, police said.


 The station says the shooter, Reyes, lives with the family and is the caretaker of the boy’s father, and ran outside after hearing the boy scream.  A violent altercation ensued.

“I ran to the window and I saw an individual popping off two more rounds,” neighbor and witness Steven Martin said.

CBS Los Angeles reports the District Attorney’s office has decided to drop the charges against Reyes, and are suggesting he acted out of self-defense.

“All the evidence we have seen so far on our side of it was favorable to Carmen Reyes,” Reyes’ attorney said. “And apparently, the D.A. saw it the same way, so they rejected it.”

Police say the case is not yet closed, and they’ll continue to investigate the shooting.

“We’re looking for disinterested parties; people that maybe saw the incident, or maybe saw Mr. Wilms [the shooting victim] prior to,” Torrance Police Sgt. Robert Watt said.