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Man released in NY-Wisconsin sex slave case, accuser balks at testifying

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(CBS/WCBS) - An S&M fetishist accused of luring a woman to his home to be his sex slave was freed Thursday after the Brooklyn district attorney's office consented to his release.

Brooklyn man John Hopkins, who has been in jail since February, was released without bail after the prosecutor told Judge Patricia DiMango that Hopkins' accuser did not want to come back to New York from Wisconsin to testify, reports the New York Post.

Hopkins was indicted in February on charges of rape, assault and unlawful imprisonment after a Wisconsin woman claimed he lured her to his home using a Craigslist ad that offered free lodging in return for domestic assistance. The woman said Hopkins held her captive for eight days by handcuffing her to a radiator and then beat and raped her.

Hopkins denied that he raped the woman claiming they had an ongoing relationship and that their sex was consensual.

The woman told police she was allowed out of the apartment once, but returned, reports CBS station WCBS.

Authorities became involved when the woman eventually contacted her mother in Wisconsin, who called 911.

According to the Post, Judge DiMango said during Hopkins' arraignment that S&M could be criminal even if consensual and that "at some point and at some time this abuse and torture was consensual."

The woman was found by cops curled in the fetal position, chained to a radiator and hospital records showed that she was suffering from severe alcohol poisoning, according to the newspaper.

She has since reportedly left the state and has missed several court appearances.

Hopkins walked out of court hand-in-hand with his sister, an Episcopalian minister and former assistant district attorney in Maryland, reports the Post.

"Innocent people get accused of crimes," Hopkins' lawyer Andrew Stoll reportedly said. "Everyone should know that."

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