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Man hits Florida police officer with car during chase

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- A man has been arrested after police in Florida say he hit and injured an officer during a chase.

The Melbourne Police Department tells local news outlets that 26-year-old Octavius Merrill Weaver was driving early Monday when an officer tried to pull him over. Weaver didn't stop, and a chase ensued.

Officers deployed stop sticks at an intersection. Police say Weaver swerved to miss the stop sticks and hit an officer who was on foot.

An officer used a "PIT maneuver" on Weaver's truck, a move that involves deliberately bumping into the vehicle to try to bring it to a stop. Weaver's truck then spun and flipped over.

Weaver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. He's been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

The injured officer was also taken to the hospital. The officer's identity and condition haven't been released.

It's unclear if Weaver has an attorney.

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