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Man gets arm stuck in gas tank fishing for candy

FOND DU LAC, Wis. - A Fond du Lac man got his hand stuck in a car's gas tank after he reached in to try to retrieve a Snicker's candy bar he saw inside.

The Fond du Lac Reporter says firefighters freed 20-year-old Earr Stokes on Tuesday afternoon.

Capt. Tony Knecht says firefighters cut the filler pipe, then accessed the backside of the gas tank opening to release Stokes' fingers. Once he was free, emergency personnel helped take the pipe off his hand. Officials stood by with a hose during the cutting in case there were sparks.

Stokes' cousin, Tyrone Williams, says Stokes happened to look into the gas tank and saw the candy bar. He says someone had removed it from the wrapper and jammed it into the gas tank.

"It was just chocolate. Chocolate and peanuts," Williams told the Reporter.

"He's hurting," Williams added while glancing over at his cousin who was attempting to pry his hand out of the tank with the help of firefighters.

Firefighters wrapped Stokes in a blanket and placed a jacket on him as a cutting machine was used on the car, the newspaper reported, saying that rescuers were concerned about the possibility of a spark setting off a fire in the fuel tank.

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