Man Dressed as Wizard of Oz "Tin Man" Blows His Top, Stabs Ticket Seller in Times Square, Says Report

The Wizard of Oz (AP)
The Wizard of Oz (AP)

NEW YORK, N.Y. (CBS) The Yellow Brick Road may lead to prison for a street performer dressed up as The Tin Man, who allegedly stabbed a tour bus worker with a screwdriver Thursday night.

Apparently he was dressed as the pre-heart transplant Tin Man.

Gerald Brown, 50, of Harlem, was dressed as the iconic "Wizard of Oz" character , when he was busted in Times Square for allegedly stabbing a tour bus ticket seller with a screwdriver. Police are calling the incident a "turf beef," reports the New York Daily News.

Brown reportedly spends his days as a street performer in the bustling, tourist-filled section of midtown Manhattan, where competition for visitor attention, and their spare change, is high amongst the many performers and businesses in the area.

Yesterday evening that competition took a bloody turn when witnesses say Brown became involved in a scuffle with a CitySights bus tour ticket-seller. The two reportedly exchanged harsh words which escalated into physical violence. The "Tin Man" fled the scene shortly after, reports the Daily Mail.

Police reportedly caught up with the unmistakable criminal and found the bloody screwdriver tucked in his pants.

This is not Brown's first costumed confrontation over sidewalk real estate. Luis Valentin, 21, says he witnessed the "Tin Man" arguing with a costumed Spiderman that same night. Valentin told the Daily News he overheard Brown telling the friendly neighborhood hero, "'You a--hole, this corner is mine."